XoLife is a pure combination of regenerative proteins and nucleic acids that include MSC-exosomes which are used to reprogram your cells to promote restoration.

XoLifeTM Contains

Growth Factors

KGF, IGF-1, FGF, HGF, EGF, G-CSF, VEGF, GDNF, Angiogenin, GDF-11

Anti-Inflammatory Factors

KIL-10, TGFb, PDGE, IL-1Ra, IL-2ra, IL-4, IDO, TSG-6

Collagen Breakdown Inhibitors


This patient was treated topically with XoLife™ after a 2nd degree burn to his face.  XoLife™ significantly improved healing time over 7 days with daily application.  60 days after the burn, the patient’s skin demonstrated a more youthful texture, glow, and pore size, while leaving no hyper-pigmentation.

This patient was treated with XoLife™ following a Fractora procedure.  Inflammation reportedly decreased within 15 minutes, and the result was a more youthful appearance, with smaller pores, fewer fine lines, and a better overall complexion.

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