Sygenx is positioned to identify and acquire promising regenerative therapies that are in development and available from an array of industry and academic sources.

Through a patented and proprietary process, A2M is isolated and concentrated from your blood to biologically clean out your joint or disc space and provide a healthy environment for repair.

VitalityRED (Regenerative Erectile Dysfunction) is a total package that combines advanced technology with the most comprehensive protocol to improve erectile dysfunction without the use of pills. This revolutionary treatment is administered over 2-3 weeks and uses a non-surgical technique combined with PRFM and natural catalysts to stimulate the body’s healing response.

Radial shockwave therapy is a non-surgical technique. The treatment utilizes a unique set of proprietary acoustic pressure waves that are delivered through the body and focused on the site of pain or injury. It stimulates the metabolism, enhance blood circulation, accelerates the healing process. As a result, allowing damaged tissues to regenerate and recover.

Celapure AF is a powerful liquid. Not only does it surround and protect the fetus as it develops in the mother’s womb, but 100% Pure Amniotic Fluid – rich in nutrients, growth factors and proteins that helps develop the fetus in the womb and supports healing in humans.

Exosomes are stem cell secretions, vesicles that express growth factors. They are thought to “supply the food”, be a support system for stem cells. They are known to induce gradual differentiation to T-cells and effect other cellular activities. Exosomes, act as a mediator of cell-to-cell transfer of genetic information Exosomes enhance and work in synergy with recruited stem cells to upregulate angiogenesis.

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